Do more: a guide to supporting colleagues through difficult times

We face certain uncertainty; a strange concept. Both employers and employees are facing new challenges and there are steps that you can take to support one another through this difficult time.


Whilst employers may face anxieties surrounding the provision of their service, many employees are filled with anxiety about their job security. Keeping channels of communication open, encouraging employees to ask questions and providing reassurance will be the best way to equip employees to deal with the current situation.

Everyone is feeling the stretch on their budgets. Why not do what you can to help your workforce save money on groceries and other necessities? With our discount platform Wider Wallet, you can provide e-code discounts on big brands, making money go further.

Offering an employee assistance line, or employee assistance programme, also enables employees to talk their concerns through with an independent and confidential service. Whether it is part of our wellbeing platform or as a stand-alone product, our employee assistance programme can provide your staff with a phone number to call when they need support with the worries in their life.

A workforce that is more relaxed is more likely to remain calm and continue with productivity during this period.

Social interaction

Isolation can put immense pressure on an individual’s ability to function as normal. We are social creatures by nature, and maintaining social interaction between teams and colleagues should not be under-estimated.

Software such as Google Meet, Zoom and WhatsApp have the facility to host virtual meetings. Your daily, weekly or monthly meetings can still take place and this gives employees some normality to their life. Arranging additional video conferencing and phone calls between teams and colleagues will help to replace the social interaction that isolation strips away.

Mental wellbeing

Exercise is the best natural way to boost mental wellbeing, and home working offers a unique chance to encourage employees to exercise before work, after work or during breaks.

Having a cycle to work scheme enables employees’ salaries to stretch further in accessing cycling equipment, employers’ to generate further income via National Insurance savings, and the workforce to boost morale, productivity and normality.

Our wellbeing platform aims to inspire your employees to make positive changes to their lives for lasting self-improvement. Further insight on wellbeing and working from home can also be sourced on the platform.

Valuing each other

Ensuring all employees continue to feel valued and engaged with your organisation is easy with a bespoke rewards package.

Encouraging employees to engage with each other through e-cards will support the cohesive framework of your organisation, which is crucial when the workforce is working from home.

Utilising flexibility

The ability to purchase additional leave can allow parents to use some of their leave entitlement now, making the kids being at home more manageable, without having to give up the idea of a holiday this year.

It’s easy to set up and any cost for the operation of this scheme is offset by the reduction on your annual salary bill.

Take steps to support your workforce now and benefit from engaged and enthusiastic employees when normality resumes.