Employee Benefits to help your employees keep their New Year’s Resolutions

With every New Year comes the opportunity for a fresh start. However, often New Year’s resolutions are seen as an unattainable wish list, a fantasy of how people would like to see themselves. Incorporating resolutions into everyday lives can turn those unattainable dreams into habits that can shape a lifetime. Wider Plan has a suite of products that can transform your workforce whilst saving you money!

This year I will…

Get Fit

Encourage your staff to get fit and save money with Wider Wallet PLUS Fitness. This will allow your staff to access corporate rates on gym memberships throughout the country. In addition to this, you will also receive a benefits portal allowing easy access to your employee benefits, encouraging take up as well as a wide range of lifestyle discounts. Workplace Bikes is another great way of encouraging your staff to get moving! Offering tax and NI savings on bikes up to the value of £1000, Workplace Bikes will get your staff fit whilst boosting your credentials and saving you money!

Get Healthy

A complete lifestyle overhaul can be a struggle. However, with Wider Wellbeing, your employees would be able to set their goals and work towards their targets, whether it is to quit smoking, reduce sugar intake or lose weight. Wider Wellbeing is a multi-layered platform, so you can tailor it to meet the exact needs of your employees!

Save Money

Wider Wallet is a great way of saving your employees money on everything from everyday essentials to life’s little luxuries. Wider Wallet provides the ultimate in feel-good employee benefits, offering eye-catching employee discounts on recognisable brands such as Sainsbury’s, New Look, Halfords and many more. As a stand-alone discount platform, Wider Wallet contains a wide range of local and national offers, specially selected to match the demographics of your workforce.

Progress in my Career

Wider Skills provides an easy and cost-effective way for you to support the professional development of your employees. Well-supported employees typically feel a greater commitment to their employer. In this way, Wider Skills can help to reduce the costs of staff turnover, as well as generating useful National Insurance savings for employers.

Improve My Work/Life Balance

HolidayFlex is designed to be a popular, hassle free benefit, while leaving you completely in control. A salary sacrifice scheme enabling employees to purchase additional days of annual leave, promoting a healthy work/life balance. You as an employer get to receive key savings on your annual salary bill whilst also complementing any flexible working policies.

Give Something Back

Wider Giving encourages your employees to make regular donations to their preferred UK registered charities. Donations are taken from pre-tax pay meaning each donation becomes worth more to the charity. Fully customisable, Wider Giving allows you to highlight charities that are in line with your corporation’s values even promoting any staff fundraising events.

A happy workforce results in increased productivity, and satisfied employees will also result in increased staff retention.

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A happy workforce results in increased productivity, and satisfied employees will also result in increased staff retention.

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