A rewards scheme is not just for Christmas

The Christmas period is a time for generosity, and when January comes, it’s too easy to forget the season of goodwill, focussing instead on cutting costs and budgetary constraints. However, it’s not too soon to start planning for your Christmas 2016 rewards and keeping that culture of recognition going throughout the year.

A successful rewards scheme promotes ongoing engagement and motivates employees to succeed in line with company objectives. Setting an annual objective will help your employees work towards an overall goal, whilst setting smaller, interim targets will help to keep your employees on track. Breaking down your annual objective into smaller targets will not only make the project feel more feasible to your employees; rewarding them will help make sure that they are continually aware of the company goals.

Rewarding your employees throughout the year doesn’t have to blow the budget, and the power of a simple thank you can have a massive impact. Peer-to-Peer Thanks does just that, allowing your employees to send emails of thanks to each other; thus providing official acknowledgment of each other’s efforts. If you are looking to instil a culture of recognition in the workplace, then a peer to peer thanks system can be used as a purely non-financial benefit to engage employees and recognise achievements where management might not necessarily be aware of any measures taken.

Reward Now and Gift Select both allow you to include a tangible element to your rewards system. Reward Now is a budget-friendly, no-hassle way to acknowledge your employees with something so simple as a bottle of wine or bunch of flowers. Small, instantaneous rewards throughout the year will assist with keeping your employees on target, as well as helping to maintain a dialogue between you and your staff, encouraging engagement and discretionary effort.

Alternatively, Gift Select allows your employees to accrue points throughout the year to spend at Christmas. This utilises your Christmas rewards budget in a way that helps it to stretch throughout the year. As a result of this, your staff is encouraged, but your rewards budget stays the same. Gift Select encourages your employees to continue to excel; as they are able to select an item that they would like from our extensive online catalogue and they can work towards earning their chosen gift.

All of our reward schemes are easy to implement and can be fully tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

Contact Wider Plan today to find the perfect rewards scheme that will keep on giving throughout the year. Make 2016 the year of recognition in your company!