5 ways employee benefits can help with climate change

Climate change is a hot topic, caused by burning fossil fuels like oil and coal. When these fuels are burned they release harmful greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, and cause the planet’s atmosphere to heat up. Waste plastic, when heated by the sun, also produces harmful greenhouse gases.

Deforestation, for the production of paper and rubber, means that less carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere; making the problem worse.

The rise in the earth’s temperature has devastating effects on our weather. Rising sea levels, heat waves and melting ice caps have disastrous effects on humans and animals alike.

So, we’ve come up with 5 ways that employee benefits can reduce climate change.

  1. Cycle to work scheme

    Help reduce car emissions by offering a zero emission cycle scheme that is great for your bank account, and your employees’ bank account too.

  2. Green car scheme

    Help reduce car emissions further by offering a little to no emissions green car scheme, for far less than you think.

  3. Payroll giving

    Make it easier for employees to donate to green charities by offering it via payroll, pre-tax.

  4. Financial information

    Provide access to financial advice where more information on green investments can be shared.

  5. Flexible working

    Not only does allowing employees to work from home reduce transport emissions, it also gives care-givers more time in the morning for the school run; encouraging them to walk rather than drive.

    Allowing a change in work pattern, like starting later in the day, may also make car sharing or public transport more feasible.

Can your company do anything else in the battle against climate change? Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • Offsetting your carbon footprint
  • Recycling facilities in your workplace
  • Making sure your energy supplier sources energy from renewable sources e.g. wind or solar.

Remember, a lot of these schemes are free, and can actually generate income for your business via NI contribution savings. For further information please contact us.

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